Your MP Candidate for Scarborough – Rouge Park

A strong-minded and fearlessly positive person, Jessica Hamilton lives in Scarborough – Rouge Park with her partner and two young children. Working in Scarborough, she experiences firsthand the challenges that residents and businesses of Scarborough – Rouge Park face daily.

Jessica grew up playing for West Rouge Soccer Club. The sport shaped her life and she earned a full athletic scholarship. A players’ leader, Jessica was nominated by her teammates to captain her NCAA division 1 soccer team. She made her mark leading by example while empowering her team members both individually and collectively.

After graduating from University, Jessica returned home to Scarborough and became better acquainted with her community while she worked in various temporary jobs. After four years she decided to further her education in the field of Behavioural Sciences. Dedicated and deeply passionate about her work with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families, Jessica found a new energy and wisdom through her work.

In February 2019 the Ontario government’s ill-conceived autism reform was announced, further changing the direction of Jessica’s life. Always fervent about politics at all levels of government, Jessica could no longer sit idly by. It was time to walk down that new path – it was time to become actively involved as a politician herself.

“I was drawn to the Green Party by its vision and integrity,” Jessica says. “I was energized by the party’s plans for community involvement.”

Jessica wants to advocate for families and small businesses who are affected by policy changes but don’t know where to turn or who to talk to. She wants to help people who aren’t having their needs met by government and she wants to give a voice to the community she loves. Passionate and empathetic to the realities that many families and small businesses face in Scarborough, Jessica is prepared to take on this journey to lead Scarborough – Rouge Park in Ottawa.

In her spare time Jessica is dedicated to volunteering as a youth soccer coach and most recently volunteering in correctional services in the provincial courts. An active listener who finds common ground to bring people together, she is ready to make a meaningful impact.

Through the Green Party she believes that Scarborough – Rouge Park can be at the forefront of introducing a sustainable climate strategy while allowing residents and businesses to flourish and grow together.

“I want to work to preserve what matters most to our neighbourhoods and community members while offering prosperity to our current and future generations.”

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